Have National Coney Island food truck at your next event

If you are planning a party, instead of stressing out over making all the food, why not consider letting someone else do the cooking? Then you can enjoy more time with your guests. The National Coney Island food truck is a great addition to any outdoor party. The food truck and Devin Burns, from National Coney joined us on the Local 4 plaza with Jason Carr to tell us about this fun party addition. 

The food truck isn't just filled with coney dogs. It also offers drinks, salads and chicken tenders. The mobile eatery can handle 50 to a couple of thousand people.

If you don't need the food truck at your party, you can downsize to the coney cart or platters. In the summer, National Coney Island caters many office parties, graduations and weddings. 

If you want National Coney Island to cater your next event you can find them online.