This Ann Arbor restaurant is serving up BBQ with a global twist!

We Dine in the D at Blue Tractor

With one of the largest art fairs in the country happening in Ann Arbor next week, you may be wondering where you should catch a bite to eat. There is a local spot serving up freshly smoked meats and award-winning house-brewed beers called Blue Tractor. 

"That's been the continual focus of this restaurant and the driving force behind it since the inception of Blue Tractor," explained Executive Chef Greg Antioho. 

Blue tractor first opened its doors in late 2008, and they got right to brewing. 

They offer 4 menu beers and 6 rotating ones, as well as one traditional English-style hand pull beer. Head brewer, Pat Meehn says that because all the beer they serve they make themselves, they offer a wide variety of styles. This also allows them to be more experimental with their seasonal beers, sometimes trying some older and more unique brews. With a wall full of awards they've won, the beer is something to try at this spot. 

Their BBQ is equally interesting and different. Chef Antioho explained that they offer what he calls global BBQ.

"What we mean by global BBQ is that we can do any item we want as long as features smoked meats as the central focus," says Chef Greg.  So while they offer classic BBQ plates like beef brisket and pulled pork, they also make some global dishes like pulled pork tacos, beef brisket bibimbap, and a smoked pork Bahn Mi. They also don't stick to a single style of BBQ either, their brisket is done in a Texas-style while their pulled pork is more inspired by how they do it in the Carolinas. Their goal is to have fresh meat coming out of the smoker for every meal, so they are constantly prepping and cooking their BBQ. 

If you want to try Blue Tractor, they are located at 207 E Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.