How he lost over 100lbs with WW Freestyle program

Man shares his journey to transform his life

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Our friends at WW formally known as Weight Watchers has helped yet another person feel and look like their best self. John Privett joined host Tati Amare to share his weight loss journey with Live In the D. 

John calls this "a blessing" and refers to WW as a "super program." John started his weight loss journey in February and has lost over 100 pounds with the WW Freestyle program. "Everybody's journey is different, but we're all for the same goal." 

John explains that meetings are important because they are a "Support group...Everyone has a tip on something if you're stuck." WW has a point system that members use to track their food intake. There is food that is worth zero points. John's favorite zero point food is chicken and red sock-eyed salmon. 

John also brought in a pair of pants that he wore before starting the WW program. Now, John can almost wrap the pants around his body. 

"If I can help just one person achieve and get on the same bandwagon then I'm happy for that." 

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