Get a taste from around the world right around the corner at this Detroit store!

Detroit – Located in Detroit’s West Village on Van Dyke Street is a quaint store that features goodies from around the world. It’s called Snack Camp and owners Michael and Vanessa Canich were inspired to start the business after living in New York and traveling around the world for 8 years.

“I really would love to see Detroit broaden its horizons with some more multicultural love in the food,” said Vanessa. “If you could step outside the box, and if you go on a vacation and have their food, meet the people, listen to the stories where this food maybe comes from, it just becomes a part of you. It becomes more special, and I wanted to bring that back here.”

Items on their menu include onigiri from Japan, a rice ball filled a savory protein, like fried shrimp, wrapped in a nori seaweed wrap. From Germany, they offer a brat covered in a sweet-spicy ketchup curry sauce with fries and a side of mayo. You can also get a taste of Italy with their baguettes topped with cheeses and tamponades from Italy.

Vanessa also loves teas, so they have sourced teas from around the world which they serve in house. You can even get an authentically made matcha!

To satisfy your sweet tooth they have various sweets that they love to experiment with and change up weekly.

So, if you are looking for a treat from around the world, just head around the corner to Snack Camp.

Snack Camp is located at 1464 Van Dyke Street in Detroit.

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