4 Reasons why you should check out the new BJ’s Wholesale Club

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Whether you’re doing extra food shopping and buying gifts for the holidays, or you’re doing your normal grocery shopping, there’s a new way to get all of this done at a great price. One of Tati’s favorite stores, BJ’s Wholesale Club, recently opened two locations in Taylor and Madison Heights, and a third location will open soon in Chesterfield. These are just a few reasons Tati says you should check it out.

1) They have a LARGE fresh food section. Whether you want bananas or fresh salad greens, BJ’s has a large selection of fresh foods for you to choose from at a great price. Plus, the portions are for a family, and not too big like some other stores. This fresh food section also includes a Deli where they will slice meat and cheese to you to order. You can also order ahead of time online and just pick it up in-store. If baked goods are your jam, then you will want to check out their bakery section as well where you can pick up a ready-made birthday cakes or freshly baked cookies. They also have all the staples you need for your weekly shopping trip.

2) The WOW wall. If you are a “frugalista”, like Tati, and always shopping the deals, then you will want to check out the WOW wall. Located at the entry of the store, the WOW wall is full of shelves with the best deals happening under their roof. What’s in this area switches up, so there is always a reason to check it out.

3) You can do your shopping online and either pick it up in-store or get it delivered (delivery only available in certain areas). This can save you a lot of time, which we are all short on this holiday season. If you head to BJ’s website you can see if they deliver to your area.

4) Everything else! This all just scratches the surface of what they offer. They can save you big bucks filling up your gas tank. If you are in need of a new set of glasses they have an optical center with an optometrist. They also have apparel, wine, beer, spirits, baby items, local favorites, a large tech section and much more!

Head to the nearest BJ’s Wholesale Club and check it out for yourself!

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