This restaurant will help you keep your goals for eating healthy in 2020!

Dine in the D at GreenSpace Café

Dine in the D: GreenSpace Cafe
Dine in the D: GreenSpace Cafe

Ferndale – It’s the new year and many people have made resolutions to eat healthier, and there is one spot in Ferndale that is offering meals that are doctor recommended, literally! GreenSpace Cafe is the brainchild of cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, and as he puts it, the restaurant is ‘garden to table’, serving an all-vegan menu.

“There is a well-known dictum that says, ‘food is medicine,' problem is, it’s never taught in hospitals, and it’s never taught in medical school,” said Dr. Kahn.

Being a cardiologist, Dr. Kahn is invested in helping his patients manage their own health, so he started to do lots of research into nutrition and diets. He found a lot of evidence to support a diet that focuses on whole foods and plant-based meals so he decided to create a restaurant that offered tasty vegan dishes to the public.

His whole family got involved in the restaurant, with his son Daniel managing the place. Dr. Kahn is still a cardiologist but is frequently at the restaurant along with his wife.

“There are no eggs, no dairy, no animal products, but you will find more flavor then you will find at your local BBQ and steak house. I will challenge you to experience that,” said Dr. Kahn.

GreenSpace Café gets its name from the architectural design element with the same name. They are supposed to be a relaxing, nature-filled spot, and that is exactly what they do to with the space. With a lot of wood, exposed brick, and greenery everywhere it has a very raw, natural vibe.

Their menu focuses on healthy vegan options, avoiding the use of fryers and vegan junk food. A very popular dish they have is a chickpea curry served with a side of black rice and pickled veggies on top.

If you want to try out GreenSpace Café, it is located at 215 W Nine Mile Rd. in Ferndale.

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