Turn up your workout routine with dance!

Sashay those pounds away

Turn up with Tanci workout dance

Getting healthy, starting a workout routine, trying to be more active? If getting or staying in shape is part of your goals for 2020, then you may want to Turn Up With Tanci! Tanci Spencer is a local fitness instructor that has created her own dance workout program, Turn Up with Tanci.

You may remember her from the last time she was on Live in the D (click here to watch the video), but since then a lot has changed. Many more people have joined her program, losing hundreds of pounds, and encouraging each other to achieve their goal! She has also started a teacher training program so other people can become Turn Up instructors.

“We’ve grown so much that I hosted our first ever Turn Up Women’s Empowerment Conference in Florida, this past August! We not only danced, but celebrated each other as women, and really dug deep into loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves, and giving ourselves permission to live loudly and unapologetically,” said Tanci.

So, what does a class with her look like? Watch the video above to see!