'Turn Up with Tanci' and dance away pounds

Get up, get moving, 'Turn Up with Tanci'

We're fresh off Thanksgiving and looking forward to the holidays, which means more parties, food and drinks, so now is a good time to start thinking about staying in shape during the season. One local fitness influencer is using her platform to empower women to look good through dance fitness. She calls herself "Turn Up with Tanci."

Tanci has gone viral with her dance fitness videos on YouTube. One of them has over 500,000 views, and Tanci has close to 22,000 followers on Instagram. 

Tanci was a teacher and a basketball coach for about seven years and would always tell her students to chase their dreams and keep going. She decided to take her own advice, took a leap of faith and chased her dream of teaching dance fitness.

Tanci said after she started sharing her workout videos online, people started responding to her and it became a powerful movement with women. Women supporting women has inspired Tanci to start living more authentically and unapologetically. You can join the movement and Tanci by following her on her social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube at "Turn Up with Tanci." 

Tanci turned up live in the studio and showed Jason and Tati an exclusive fitness workout.