Rachael Ray serves up ways to romanticize your Valentine’s Day dinner

Valentine's ideas with Rachel Ray on Live in the D

You don’t have to go out in order to woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. The day for love is right around the corner and if you and your loved one have a fondness for food, you don’t have to always spend the evening at a fancy restaurant.

Host Jason Carr spoke live with celebrity cook, author, and TV show host Rachael Ray to find out what people can cook to impress their boo. Rachel Ray says one of the best recipes you can make for Valentine’s Day is a pasta with a vodka cream sauce. Ray also suggested a chipotle cream spaghetti with shrimp that is sure to spice up your supper.

Not only is Rachel Ray dishing out romantic recipes she also has her hands full with her daytime talk show. In between all that she still finds time to snuggle up with her sweetie. Ray says it can be really simple to be sweet in the kitchen while cooking with your significant other. She says she and her husband listen to old vinyls and sip on their drink of choice. By keeping things intimate with a nice home cooked dinner, Ray says you can bet you’ll be dessert.

To see more of Rachel Ray’s interview click the video above.