Hair braiding intertwines style and historic roots in black history

Sistah’s Braid Too salon shows the different ways hair can be braided and its roots of origin that go back centuries.

As Black History Month continues, one tradition that plays a prominent part in that history is hair braiding. As Sistah’s Braid Too salon co-owner, Crystal Yeager, told Tati Amare, the history of braids goes all the way back to ancient African times. Certain styles and designs were done as signs of friendship, of loyalty and of status within the tribes. When it was brought to America, the styles evolved, however, the meanings were still there. Yeager said now that certain types of braids are popular within the entertainment culture, understanding the historical impact of hair braiding and appreciating its roots becomes increasingly important.

Some of the hair stylists from Sistah’s Hair Too sat in as models to show some of the different styles of braids that the salon offers, including passion twists, tribal braids and knotless braids. These styles are considered protective braids that protect natural hair from elements, potential harsh treatments, and chemicals that can damage hair.

Take a look at the video above to learn more about these styles.

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