The more this artist grows the “Moore” she learns

Mandy Moore talks to Live In The D about “This Is Us” and her new album

Mandy Moore from This is Us on Live in the D

Mandy Moore is no stranger when it comes to the spotlight. From her start in music with the 90′s hit “Candy,” to the staring role in the hit NBC show This is Us.

Host Tati Amare and singer-songwriter, actress Mandy Moore discussed Moore’s new music and This is Us. Moore stars as “Rebecca Pearson” the matriarch of the Pearson family in the show. This Is Us goes back and forth through time detailing the tangled lives of Rebecca and her family. Because she’s one of the only characters who floats through the different timelines, Moore gets a chance to work with everyone on the cast. Moore goes through multiple stages of life which involve multiple hours in the makeup chair. She uses this time to center herself and really dive into the character at that moment. Moore says that fans will begin to see more of Rebecca’s health issues come to light in the final episodes of this season as her children begin to rally around her, and come to terms with how to deal with her disorder.

Even though Moore’s been tearing up the big and small screens, she hasn’t forgotten her roots. Mandy Moore has been working on a new album and will be on tour once the show goes on their Spring hiatus. Moore feels grateful she’s still able to work in music, since first getting her start at 15 years old. Even though she feels fulfilled with acting, music is her passion, and being able to do both has been a dream come true for her.

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