Get a head start on your child’s future at today’s prices

Michigan Education Trust has a plan to save you money on tuition in the future

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Education can be costly but you and your family can start saving early for your little one. Hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr spoke to Executive Director Robin Lott about the Michigan Education Trust which has a plan where you can invest in future tuition payments now, at today’s prices.

Lott talked about how the Michigan Education Trust allows you to pay for college credit hours towards your child’s higher education. The funds are held for the child to attend a Michigan university. If they choose to go out-of-state the money can be refunded.

There are enrollment sessions coming near you throughout the month of March. If you buy one credit hour during the enrollment session you can take advantage of a $100 match. This will put $100 in your account and wave the $25 enrollment fee. Anyone can contribute to your child’s education trust. All contributions are tax-deductible on your state income taxes.

Enrollment Sessions:

March 16 - Shelby Township Community Center

March 19 - West Bloomfield Public Library

March 23 - Plymouth District Library

March 30 - Troy Public Library

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Watch the video to find out how you can start contributing to your child’s future today!

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