Have you seen this Rolling Stones hotel room in Detroit?

Check into the same room where these rock 'n' rollers stayed for your next staycation

Uniquely Detroit Rolling Stones Hotel Room

The Rolling Stones, still a young, English band at the time in 1964, stayed at this Detroit hotel after a concert -- and now, you can book the exact room.

Trumbull and Porter, a boutique hotel in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, has opened their legendary “Rolling Stones” suite for public booking. Back in the 1960s, the hotel was a Holiday Inn.

Room 132 at the hotel is the legendary suite. An article published in 1964 in the Detroit Free Press detailed the iconic rock and roll band's stay at the hotel, noting that fans basically stormed the hotel. The general manager at the time had to call police to help manage the crowd.

The photo in the newspaper shows the band sitting on the bed in the room. The photo has been re-imagined as art work and is featured above the bed in the suite.

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