Here’s an authentic Mexican restaurant to add to your list!

We all need a list of restaurants to visit after this is all over!

Southwest Detroit – Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many restaurants are temporarily closing, but that just means it’s a perfect time to update your list with restaurants you want to try when we are finally past all of this. Well, there is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Southwest Detroit, aka Mexican Town, you should add to your list, El Nacimiento Mexican Restaurant.

“We try to serve the most authentic food we can. If you want more authentic food the next stop is Mexico,” says Joel Padilla, El Naciemeinto’s manager, and the owner’s son.

Joel and his father have been serving up the real deal for many years now. His father originally owned his own taco stand in Guadalajara, Mexico in the 1980s. He eventually moved to America and found his way to Detroit in the 1990s.

"My dad had seen Detroit was full of opportunities. He'd seen this building, the building used to be a hardware store. He acquired it in 2000, he bought it, we started working on it, and we opened our doors in June of 2001," explained Joel.

Joel has been working with his dad since he was little, and now he helps manage the restaurant. He says this experience taught him a lot along the way.

The name, El Nacimiento, is a reference to the ranch his father grew up on in Mexico. His food has family ties too, with a lot of them being family recipes. They serve traditional Mexican food, along with some dishes with their own twist like their take on a Surf 'n Turf, Mar y Tierra. They have a large taco menu that is served the classic way with corn tortillas, meat, onions and cilantro with limes and salsa on the side.

Taqueria El Nacimiento is located at 7400 Vernor Hwy, in Detroit, but is currently closed due to the coronavirus.

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