She’s traveled to every country in the world and she’s from Detroit

Jessica Nabongo shares her international travel stories

Uniquely Detroit World traveler on Live in the D

DETROIT – Jessica Nabongo has been traveling internationally since she was 4.

Her parents are both Ugandan immigrants. They showed her the world was hers to explore.

Since sharing her story with us, she has visited every country in the world.

Nabongo is a geography nerd. She’s always been curious about other cultures, food, and how other people live around the world. She decided in 2017 to try to visit all of the countries in the world. At that time she had already been to 60 countries.

Coming from Detroit, she has felt blessed that she came from such a diverse city. She said she feels lucky to have a place like Dearborn so close. Places like Greektown and Southwest helped her have an open mind.

"The thing about traveling a lot and especially being off the beaten path is about being positive. Because when you're very positive you bring good things to you. And it's about trusting strangers," she said.

What she's learned on her travels

1. Most people are good.

2. We are more similar than we are different. We’re all human beings. We all want food, water, shelter, to be happy and see our kids grow up happy. People are good.

“I always say for me you have to lose my trust. You don’t have to earn it. The only difference between us is I just haven’t met you yet,” Nabongo said.

To hear more of her travel adventures watch the video above.

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