Here’s where music may live again in Detroit

Uniquely Detroit takes a look at The Blue Bird Inn

Uniquely Detroit The Blue Bird Inn on Live in the D

The Blue Bird Inn is a quaint jazz club that sits on Detroit’s west-side. Back in its heyday, you could hear jazz being played all the time at this location. Celebrities and musicians would come far and wide just to play on The Blue Bird stage.

But, today The Blue Bird isn’t as a loud as it use to be. The building now sits alone and empty with echos of the past flowing through it. Jazz musician, Marion Hayden recalls performing on stage and how magical it felt.

The Detroit Sound Conservancy plans on bringing this historic house of jazz back to life. Alyson Turner, of the Detroit Sound Conservancy, says that by revamping the Blue Bird, it will become a home for many musical archives. Many residents believe that the rebirth of the Blue Bird will also breathe new life in to the city.

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