'The Big Show” has a new, big, show on Netflix

A giant, a queen and three princesses prepare to take over the small screen

When you see WWE superstar Big Show you may think of him as the bulging bruiser, beating up bad guys in the ring. Paul, Big Show" Wright’s new Netflix series “The Big Show” shows another side of the gentle giant.

'The Big Show" features a fictionalized version of Big Show as a pro wrestler who is adjusting to retirement and a newly blended family. Now that he is retired he wants to spend more time with his family. Big Show says that being able to work in front of a live audience has been a comforting experience for him. He also enjoys working with his female co-stars who are all powerhouses that bring their own personalities to the show. Being a father in real life has prepared Big Show for the role of a TV dad. He says he is the same type of dad as he is on the show, from being a goofy dad who shows up on dates to a comforting dad who stops and talks to his kids.

To learn more about “The Big Show” click on the video above.