You’ll want to keep this award-winning Thai restaurant on your radar!

Their food is both delicious and beautiful!

Dine in the D Bangkok 96 on Live in the D

Dearborn – Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many restaurants are temporarily closing, but that just means it’s a perfect time to update your list with restaurants you want to try when we are finally past all of this. If you love Thai food, one you will definitely want to try is Bangkok 96 in Dearborn.

Although they had to close their doors temporarily, it’s owner, Chef Genieve Vang has been busy feeding people in need as part of the “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen” project. She, along with 4 other local chefs raided their kitchen pantries and started cooking up delicious dishes for the city’s homeless and food-insecure.

Over the years, Chef Genevieve has won many awards and has even cooked for celebrities like Clint Eastwood. She was a semi-finalist for a James Beard Award, and Bangkok 96 frequently wins our Vote 4 The Best Thai Food competition. If that isn’t enough to sell you on how good her food is, the long lines out the door on a regular basis when they were able to be open, should be.

Chef Genevieve first fell in love with Thai food, after growing up in Laos, saying it was the complex and vibrant flavors of the cuisine that caught her eye. She later moved to America, and in 1996 she opened up Bangkok 96 in Dearborn. They serve traditional Thai cuisine and their most popular dish is pad thai.

Bangkok 96 is temporarily closed, check out their social media for updates. The restaurant is located at 2450 S Telegraph Road in Dearborn.

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