Stay at home birthday parties that make a splash

Katy Werely of Mini Picassos has two fun ways to celebrate with all of your friends.

Epic stay at home birthday on Live in the D

The stay at home order has unfortunately canceled big and small life events like children’s birthday parties. However, there is way to keep the celebration going while we are all stuck at home.

Katy Werely of Mini Picassos in Harper Woods joined Jason Carr via Skype. She has two new way to make a stay-at-home birthday party epic!

Katy is sort of an expert at throwing fun and creative birthday parties. Her studio hosts all kinds of events including birthday parties. She has taken that in-studio experience and made it virtual. The best part? Your friends can join in too! Katy creates customs crafts and gives you all the supplies. These crafts can be sent to anyone you wish.

Watch the video to see how these crafts work and to see how Katy can keep your kids entertained even when it’s not their birthday.

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