Here’s the purr-fect thing you can do with all those old boxes!

Create a contraption to keep your pet entertained

Turn your old Boxes into a pirate ship on Live in the D

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Arrr! Beware of Captian Zuko!

Do you love your cat? Are all those boxes piling up? Do you have some extra time on your hands? That’s where I found myself about a week ago, as I stared at yet another box full of goodies being delivered to my door.

I am a relatively new pet parent to my rambunctious young cat named Zuko, and I have yet to buy him one of those kitty condos for him to play in. I was browsing the internet for one when it occurred to me... why don’t I build him one out of all those old boxes? I brought the idea to the Live in the D team, and Natalia, one of our producers, challenged me to make, not just a classic cat tree, but to make something outrageous... something spectacular...something surprising... a pirate’s ship! I LOVED this idea.

I gathered my boxes and got to work. You can watch my thought process and how I put it together in the video above. I think what really makes it, is all the little details like a ship’s wheel, a pirate’s flag, cannons along the sides, things like that.

So how did Captain Zuko like it? He mans the wheel many a night!

In all seriousness though, he does like playing in it, and I frequently catch him lounging on the main deck. It was a lot of work (took me about 2 days to complete, with breaks), but I think it was worth it. He really enjoys it! Now I just wonder what the neighbors think when they walk by and see a full-blown pirate’s ship in the window. . .

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