Touring all of Detroit on two wheels

Jason Hall shows us how you can e-bike your way through the city.

Check in with Jason Hall on Live in the D

Imagine traveling 50 miles a day, not by car, but by bike!

That’s what friend to Live In The D, Jason Hall, has been doing. When the Governor recommended cycling as good form of exercise in the quarantine, Hall took it to heart. He told Tati Amare and Jason Carr how he has been spending his time cycling around Detroit and parts of Metro Detroit using an e-bike. This is a bicycle that has a motor for assistance.

It is not surprising that Hall is doing this. He is one of the owners of Detroit’s only e-bike shop, Electric Avenue Bikes and RiDetroit, a bike tour company in the city. However, the number of miles he is doing is insane, considering that he is mostly pedaling and relying very little on his bike’s motor.

For Jason Hall, biking around Detroit has been a good way to see some interesting parts of the city. He has found new trails and has been able to travel to parts of Metro Detroit like Southfield. He says all this biking makes him feel like a tourist.

If you are interested in e-biking around Detroit, Hall can help! Click on the video to see his suggestions for getting started.

About the Author:

Natalia is the Producer with Live in the D and has been with Local 4 since April 2019. She loves to highlight the fun things happening around the D.