Here are a few toys that will keep your kids outside this summer

Toyology has the fun you’re looking for and it gives back to Detroit children in need

Toyology has fun summer toys for your kids!

Host Tati Amare chatted with Jenna Klar from Toyology about the fun toys your kids will love for outdoor playtime.

Jenna suggests buying your kids, scooters, bubble mowers, Hop N’ Go Unicorns, or a Ninja Warrior set to keep your kids having fun while being active. Toyology also has an inflatable easel for the young Picasso’s. They can paint outside and hose down the easel for easy cleanup.

Toyology has also teamed up with JAYA Charitable Foundation to provide TLC (Toys, Literature, and Crayons) for the children in Detroit. This allows customers to donate toys and funds to children in need.

Watch the video to see Toyology’s hot toys for this summer.

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