Here’s how to keep your vinyl in the best shape!

The Detroit Record Club has advice to keep your records spinning right round

The Detroit Record Club on Live in the D

Vinyl is back in style and you may not know the best way to preserve it, but the Detroit Record Club wants to help!

Host Jason Carr chatted with Tara De Boer and Joe Lalich from The Detroit Record Club about how you can get a membership to the club and keep your vinyl in the best shape.

The Detroit Record Club mostly sells used records but they receive new releases every week along with represses of classic music.

Lalich suggested using a microfiber cloth to eliminate dust from your record. The Detroit Record Club also has a 5-piece cleaning kit for sale that includes a microfiber cloth and a spray that’s approved by the Library of Congress to preserve vinyl records. When records are brought into the store they are put into a distilled water bath process for ultimate cleanliness. They also re-sleeve your records to bring new life to the vinyl.

The Detroit Record club is located in Royal Oak at 12 Mile and Woodward.

Watch the video to learn the best way to preserve your vinyl records.

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