Get sweet jam and personality with Gus & Grey

Meet one of Eastern Market’s popular vendors and her delicious and fun-named jams

Eastern Market has more than great, fresh produce, you’ll also interact with vendors selling all kinds of products that they create themselves. One specialty stand is Gus & Grey Handcrafted Delights. Kila Peeples met with the owner, Tara Grey, to learn the story of her journey to create her homegrown business. Like many people, Tara started making jam as a way to relax; she then suffered a life-changing injury that led her to pursue her hobby full time.

Now Tara sells her jams at Eastern Market, which she said is a dream come true because of the history and diverse vendors. She said that she is honored to be able to sell her jams, which all have interesting names like Pucker Up and an apple butter called Teacher’s Pet. Sometimes those jams have names that can be a bit spicy.

Watch the video to see more on Tara’s journey to creating her homegrown company.

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