Food Network Star is on a new restaurant mission

Robert Irvine is back with a new show to help restaurants during the pandemic.

Robert Irving on Live in the D

Celebrity Chef and Food Network star, Robert Irvine, is used to helping out restaurants in trouble. Now he is taking on the entire industry and helping restaurant workers who are struggling during the pandemic. He joined Jason Carr via Skype to talk about his new initiative.

Helping restaurants during this time is hugely important to Irvine because it is affecting all levels of the restaurant industry. “You are seeing well established chain restaurants affected” Irvine said. To accomplish this goal, Irvine has a new show called “Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business.” For the show Irvine is seeking to rescue desperate owners on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic. The show will air on Food Network.

Besides helping restaurant workers, Irvine has also been working a new cookbook, “Family Table.” The book serves as a guide for bringing families back together to the dinner table.

Check it out in the video above.

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