Working on my green thumb

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It's funny how during this time I've picked up one of the hobbies I never could imagine was an option for me.

Not to say that I've "mastered" this hobby, not even close - but that's the goal. This year, the entire 2020, I have not killed a single plant!

If you’re unfamiliar with my background, I’ve successfully killed succulents, Jade Trees and cacti. This should be impossible, but not for me! And, this shouldn’t be the case as I grew up in a family home with lush plants in the house and herb gardens growing on the window sills. Maybe the natural affinity skips a generation?

But that’s all behind me now... what I lack in natural ability I will make up for with effort and education. With the help of advice from good friends and YouTube University, I will make it to be my goal of having a mini jungle in my apartment. Stay tuned people, I’m no longer a plant murderer.

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