Laurence Fishburne shares what we can expect in his new series ’#FreeRayshawn’

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell talks to the Matrix actor, plus shares his movie picks for what to watch this weekend.

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Laurence Fishburne is back in a new action-packed series that his him carrying a badge. The Matrix star is playing a police office in #FreeRayshawn, a thriller about a man who is being framed by the police. Fishburne and the other stars of the series sat down with movie reviewer Greg Russell to talk about the project.

Fishburne told Greg that he was excited to play the role Lieutenant Poincy because it was a story that doesn’t get told very often. His character is a police officer who gains the trust of an Iraq war veteran to help the veteran get out of a sticky situation with the police force. It’s an action-packed movie, told in six minute episodes, on the new streaming site Quibi. Greg says you can binge the whole thing in about one hour and forty-five minutes and it is definitely worth the watch.

Besides “#FreeRayshawn” Greg recommends watching the third installment of “Bill & Ted” which is out this weekend. Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprise their roles. If you are looking for something totally out of the box to see, Greg and Jason also gave their picks for their best underrated films that they love but nobody has heard of. See what those are in the video above.

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