What I remember about going back to school with Tati Amare

Heading back to school with Tati

Tati school (WDIV)

It’s really hard to believe that it’s already back to school time! Usually parents and kids are rushing around doing their shopping, and squeezing the last bit of fun out of summer. Even though things are very different now, here are my top three things I remember most fondly about back to school time.

1 - New school supplies! Who didn’t LOVE getting new notebooks, pens, pencils, a backpack and more?? I still get excited when I’m in a Staples looking for grown up “school supplies” (they’re now referred to as “office supplies”).

2 - Catching up with classmates! It was always great to hear about what my school friends did over the summer and build new memories during the school year.

3 - Meeting my new teacher(s). Waiting to find out who my new teacher(s) would be was an anxiety filled and worry inducing process. I was such a dramatic kid! I thought the world would end if I didn’t get the teacher(s) I hoped for. My fingers would be crossed that I would get the coolest teacher(s) and hopefully a few good buddies in the class, too. Fortunately, it always worked out just fine!

I hope you have a great school year whether your family is starting this week or next!

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