Turn your summer wardrobe into fall fashion

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan is back with advice on re-purposing your favorite summer clothes

If you’re someone whose style changes with the season, the approach of fall means its time to switch up your look.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan is back on Live In The D to show you what pieces can make the transition into fall, and which pieces are best left in the closet until next summer.

One summer fashion trend that Jordan says can be easily adapted for fall are pastels. He suggests pairing them with darker pieces in the same color family, along with an unrelated neutral or drab color. Even though lighter blues tend to be a warm weather color, Jordan shows it’s still possible to style for autumn by pairing a vibrant scarf with a dark blazer and vest. While white also isn’t a conventional cold weather color, Jordan shows a few ways to dress it up for the new season.

Some styles just that can’t make the transition between summer and fall are floral patterns and linens.

For more fall fashion do’s and don’ts, watch the video above.