Grandson of Temptations legend Otis Williams carries on family tradition

Trace Austin performs new song on Music Monday

Music Monday - Trace Austin on Live in the D
Music Monday - Trace Austin on Live in the D

Trace Austin and his grandfather, Temptations singer Otis Williams, visited the show virtually today to talk about Austin’s move into the music world.

Austin started writing his own music around a year ago, and said that his grandfather has been a great resource. He said that he gives great advice, and that getting to learn from his experiences has been amazing.

Williams said he’s loving seeing his grandson behind the mic. He said he remembers bringing him up on stage at six years old. “From that day until now, he said ‘I’m gonna be in show business,’” said Williams.

He said he was blessed to be able to experience Motown in the 60′s, and be surrounded by so many talented artists. “I learned a lot and I get to pass it on to my grandson.”

Austin sang his new song “Imposters,” and says there will be plenty of new music from him, including two new songs and a music video on his YouTube and Instagram soon.

A collaboration with his grandfather also seems to be part of the plan. Austin said “I’d love to do a song with my grandpa, that would be amazing.”