A new solution to helping kids have fun with science at home

Two Detroiters have a created a new way for kids to have fun learning

Lab Drawer on Live in the D

Two of our bright minds in Detroit are on a mission. Dr. Alecia Gabriel and Dierdre Roberson, two scientists who graduated from Cass Tech High School, want to enrich the lives of young teens and preteens in our community and help diversify the field of science. To do this, the duo created a fun new experience in a box called The Lab Drawer. They joined Tati Amare via to Skype talk about the box which can be delivered to your home.

The goal of The Lab Drawer is to help kids have fun learning STEAM, or science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The box is geared to kids aged 10-14 and according to Gabriel and Roberson, it helps kids connect the science they experience every day to scientific principles. Each box, which is delivered monthly and costs $44.99, involves a fun creative activity that kids can do. For example, the summer box taught kids how to build their own stethoscope that they could use on their friends and family. You can purchase the box on The Lab Drawer’s website.

Besides the subscription, Gabriel and Roberson post fun experiments on their Tik Tok channel that kids can easily follow along at home. They showed Tati a fun Halloween themed experiment that involved a cool pumpkin and lots of foam.

Check it out in the video above.

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