Get a royally good burger for takeout at this Midtown restaurant

Fresh burgers, milkshakes and more can be found at Royale With Cheese in Detroit

Take out Tuesday - Royale with Cheese on Live in the D

Burgers are a classic American food. They are a favorite to grill up at home, eat at a restaurant, or grab for takeout. There are many places around town that make them but only one gives them the royal treatment. That place is Royale With Cheese in Detroit! Chef and Co-owner Hass Bazzy joined Tati Amare live from his Midtown restaurant for today’s Take Out Tuesday.

Royale With Cheese is a dream come true for Bazzy. His training is in the fine dining world, but he always had a love for burgers. He believes his restaurant is different from other burger spots in town because they use really unique and feature fresh ingredients. This applies to all of their food, like their new grouper tacos which are made with fresh grouper from Florida. Bazzy also loves incorporating childhood favorites into his food especially with Royale With Cheese’s milkshakes. One of their most popular milkshakes is the Fruity Pebbles Milkshake, a cereal Bazzy liked as a kid.

Since the pandemic began, takeout operations for Royale With Cheese have grown. It now accounts for fifty percent of their business, something Bazzy credits to customer loyalty. To ensure customer safety and to comply with local mandates, Royale With Cheese requires everyone to wear a mask. It is a rule Bazzy implores all customers to follow, as it helps everyone including the restaurant.

To see more of the over-the-top food they offer watch the video above.

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