Two movies to check out before Halloween

Greg Russell reviews “Hubie Halloween” and “Clouds”

Reel Talk - Hubie Halloween and Clouds on Live in the D
Reel Talk - Hubie Halloween and Clouds on Live in the D

Movie reviewer Greg Russell shared his thoughts on two of this week’s recent releases, Netflix’s Hubie Halloween and Clouds on Disney+.

Adam Sandler’s latest movie, Hubie Halloween, is set in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween night. Sandler’s character Hubie, the town nerd, has to save his community by solving a murder case. The film features several well known comedians, including Shaquile O' Neal, and Kevin James who plays the town cop trying to make sense of everything.

James said the film is tons of fun, and that he was amazed by the cast, especially the young new comedians Adam Sandler found. Shaq also got the chance to flex his acting chops in the film, working alongside James.

James jokingly told Russell that he was actually annoyed at seeing how good Shaq was at acting. “He’s not only a good actor, but he’s funny, and he’s got great timing, and you’re like alright man enough is enough, you don’t have to do everything.” James said.

Russell also spoke to the cast of the new Disney+ movie Clouds. It is based off the true story of Zach Sobiech, a 17 year old boy who learns he has terminal bone cancer, and decides to dive into his music career during the last year of his life. One of his songs, Clouds, ends up going viral.

Neve Campbell and Fin Argus talked with Russell about the process of filming such a personal story.

Argus said that stepping into the role was a bit intimidating at first, but that after he got to know Zach’s family personally, he felt more inspired to tell the story. “Every step of this process has felt meant to be.” Argus said.

For Russell’s scores and more about both movies, watch the video above.