This YouTuber made a career out of toppling dominoes

Lily Hevesh has over 2.8 million subscribers online

Lily Hevesh has taken building with dominoes to new extremes. She started building when she was 9 years old, and now she’s a world famous artist and YouTuber who has worked with celebrities like Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon. This year, she was even ranked on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for Art & Style.

Hevesh said she loves working with dominoes because you get to create amazing works of art with the intention of destroying them. She said that it gives building a purpose, and that it’s incredibly satisfying to put your design together and see if it works.

Even though she’s a pro, Hevesh said she’s had her share of accidental topples. While working on the 2nd largest domino tower in America, the entire structure collapsed just 10 layers from completion. But Hevesh said not all was lost, and that it made a great fail video.

Hevesh’s advice for aspiring domino artists is to be patient, and not to get too disappointed by mistakes. She said building takes patience and persistence. She said making mistakes has taught her so much, including better patience. “Keep on building, keep on practicing, and you will get better,” Hevesh said.

Now she has a kit you can buy to get started on your own domino creations. The H5 Domino Creations kit comes with pieces that have precise edges and a surface texture that are specifically built for toppling.

Hevesh has her eyes on a Guinness World Record, and will soon be making a domino competition show with the makers of MasterChef and LEGO Masters. Hevesh said, “I’m super excited to get dominoes out there and more people building.”

To see Hevesh’s domino creations in action, check out the video above.