Are people going to be trick or treating this year?

It’s a Halloween-themed “What’s the Buzz”

What's the Buzz - Halloween Plans on Live in the D

With the number of COVID cases on the rise, many people are trying to figure out how they want to celebrate Halloween this year. We wanted to get people’s opinions so we asked our friends on “What’s the Buzz.” Joining host Jason Carr to talk about it were Jason Hall with RiDetroit, Lauren Crocker with “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, and Melanie Hearn a local comedian.

So the first topic: How are you going to celebrate this year? Lauren said she is going to do socially-distant trick-or-treating with the help of a candy chute. Her husband Michael is building the chute so they can safely send candy down to the kiddos. Lauren, Jason, and Melanie all do believe trick-or-treating can be done safely, with Melanie joking you could put the candy in sandwich bags and toss them at the kids “like playing dodgeball.” Jason Hall agreed, saying he will wear gloves and use caution tape to toss candy to the kids safely from his blocked off porch.

What do you do if you don’t want to participate? Jason’s recommendation is to turn off all the lights and stay away from the windows so people know you’re not participating. You can also put up a sign, like Melanie recommended, because, as she humorously explained, some kids may just think your porch light burnt out and will come up anyway.

They discussed even more topics, watch the video above to see the whole conversation.