Union Joint restaurants are keeping it cool (and safe) in their igloos

Local restaurant company shows how dining out(side) in their igloos is a fun and safe experience

Restaurant Igloos on Live in the D

The seasons are changing, and so are the ways we are dining out, especially when it comes to eating outdoors. The weather may be unusually mild right now, but soon it will be a lot colder.

Restaurants are changing things up to make outdoor dining cooler by setting up igloos and tents.

So how do they work and how do restaurants keep them clean and safe?

Union Joints co-owner, Curt Catallo and bar manager Jeremy Basely, spoke to Jason Carr about what they are doing at all their restaurants to keep the dining igloos open and safe to enjoy. Curt said not only are they calling for a dining time limit in the igloos, but they also have a spray machine filled with disinfectant that is used to clean the igloos after each use.

Watch the video above to learn more about their safety procedures.