Want to help a furry friend in need? We’ll tell you how you can

A donation to the Michigan Humane Pet Food Pantry could make all the difference

Michigan Humane Pet Food Pantry on Live in the D

Did you realize Michigan Humane had a pet pantry?

The Pet Food Pantry was created for families and people who are having trouble feeding their pets.

Michigan Humane is anticipating that by the end of the day, it will reach 1 million pounds of pet food distributed in 2020, compared to in 2019, when the organization distributed just less than half of that.

This shows that there is an increased need for food.

So, Michigan Humane is hoping to receive some more help.

Viewers can assist by visiting this website and contributing monetary donations, or by helping with food supplies by using the Michigan Humane Amazon Wishlist.

Viewers can also drop off any type of pet food for the pantry to any of the Michigan Humane locations.

Anna Chrisman, from Michigan Humane, also introduced two adorable bonded guinea pigs, sisters, named pumpkin and spice. They warm up to humans quickly and are very sweet. If you would like to adopt these cute guinea pigs, the Mike Morse Law Firm will cover the standard adoption fees.

Watch the video, above, to learn more.