Mini desserts for your smaller holiday meals

Chef Shanel shows you how to make quick desserts to enjoy your sweet treats faster

COVID-Friendly Thanksgiving Desserts on Live in the D

This Thanksgiving is likely going to be a more modest event with smaller gatherings because of the pandemic. We’re cooking far less food for far fewer people, but we certainly don’t want to skimp on some of our favorites, especially dessert.

Chef Shanel Dewalt, the Executive Chef with Great Lakes Culinary Center, shared some great ideas on how to make mini-desserts perfect for smaller gatherings.

The Chef baked her family favorites but in smaller containers which luckily won’t take as long so you can enjoy your sweet treats faster this year. She also suggests dropping off mini desserts on your loved one’s doorstep so they can enjoy a sweet treat with you virtually in the comfort of their own home.

Watch the video to learn more.

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