Check out this Detroit fashion landmark

See why iconic rappers have shopped here

Strictly Sportswear on Live in the D

A local fashion landmark that has dressed stars like LL, Ice Cube, Eric B, Diddy and Jay Z is hoping to help find you your next outfit.

Strictly Sportswear is your one-stop shop for hip hop/urban wear.

Owner Kathy Hamlin-Gaye spoke with Jason Carr from her store on West 7 Mile Road. She says Strictly Sportswear is a family business that has been serving Detroit for more than 30 years.

She also says the store is a big part of Detroit’s hip hop history, and that back in the ’80s, it was the first stop for rappers touring the city.

Strictly Sportswear carries brands like Adidas, Cult of Individuality, A-Tiziano, Civilized and more. Hamlin-Gaye enlisted the help of her family to help model some of their clothes and masks.

It’s important to Hamlin-Gaye that Strictly Sportswear is a family business, and she says she wants to keep it going for the young people, and allow them to see a reflection of themselves.

They’re also offering a special deal for “Live in the D” viewers, which you can see in the video above.

Strictly Sportswear is located at 17644 W. Seven Mile Road in Detroit.