Easy ways to up the “wow factor” of your holiday gifts

These inexpensive tricks are sure to improve your holiday game

Make your own holiday gift boxes on Live in the D

Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan stopped by Live In The D today to show off some simple, wallet-friendly ways to impress your loved ones this holiday season. The key? Presentation.

Jordan was inspired by subscription box services, and came up with the idea to package holiday gifts in a similar way. By bundling multiple items together and presenting them in a nicely decorated box, you can stretch your dollar and actually buy cheaper. The holiday gift boxes are also perfect for contact-free delivery for anyone spending the holidays socially distanced.

To build your own unique gift box, Jordan suggests you start with a gift theme. The first box he showed off was beauty themed and filled with Dollar General makeup products. Because the products were affordable, he was able to fill the box with more of them. The box he chose was a simple recycled yellow box that he topped off with an old calendar picture for a sleek look.

For a more masculine box, Jordan turned an old wooden wine box into a holder for electronic gadgets and moisturizers. He said guys will love the cool cordless charger and appreciate the skincare they might need.

Another example was his citrus skincare box with a few products from Trader Joe’s. Adding some real citrus fruits and leaves to the box makes a few simple gifts seem suddenly very fancy.

If you’re looking for something for just about anybody, Jordan suggests taking a Dollar General Christmas box and filling it up with art supplies like paints and mini-canvases.

“Everybody has artistic ability,” Jordan said. “You just have to develop it.”

For more gift ideas, watch the video above.