Suffer from back pain? You may want to look down at your feet

This could be the cause of your hip and knee pain, too

Fix my Feet - Relieving aches and pains on Live in the D

If you suffer from back, hip or knee pain, you may want to look down at your feet.

That’s the advice from the experts at Fix My Feet Today.

The owner, Doug Nadolski, joined host Tati Amare to explain more.

Why could my back, hip or knee pain come from my feet?

When it comes to walking, do you tend to walk on the inside arches or on the outside edge of your foot?

If you supinate (meaning your ankles turn outward), or pronate (your ankles turn inward), there is extra strain put on your knees because your feet and ankles are not in alignment, Nadolski said.

Of course, if your foot, ankle, and knee are all not lined up properly, then that can cause strain in your hips and even in your low back as your body tries to compensate.

How do you “fix” it?

In order to correct supination or pronation, you can wear a specially designed insole in your shoes that will help fix your stance, Nadolski said.

It’s basically realigning your foot, dispersing all the pressure. Amare actually tried one of these insoles for her hip pain and said the insole made a world of difference in just a few minutes.

What does an appointment look like?

You can schedule an individual, COVID-safe appointment to meet with one of these experts, who will take a digital footprint from you and figure out whether you pronate or supinate. From there, they will fit you with an insole that will help solve your problem. You will also be able to walk around and try out the insole before you buy anything.

Can you use HSAs and Flex Spending?

Yes. You can also finance through the company and buy gift cards.

For more information on Fix My Feet Today, call 586-601-5988 or click or tap here.

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