Who’s cooler than Santa Claus?

Morris Day is spreading joy and soul with his new holiday song with a bold statement

Santa is about to jump in his sleigh with lots a presents in a couple of days, but one R&B singer is claiming that he’s cooler than jolly St. Nick. Legendary singer Morris Day has released a new holiday song that is sure get you into the spirit. It’s called “Cooler than Santa Claus”. Day said he wanted to pay homage to the parents who work so hard to make sure their children have a happy holiday, while giving a shout out to Santa Claus. He also said he wanted to do a new fun song for the holidays and was happy to make one that came together so well. “Cooler than Santa Claus” is available on multiple music streaming services.

Watch the video above to hear just how cool “Cooler than Santa Claus” is.