3 Ways to make your home office work for you

Plus ideas for your kids’ at-home classroom

Organizing a home office on Live in the D

When the pandemic hit many of us had to pivot immediately and create offices in whatever corner of our house we could find. Now, many months in, you may be like me, looking around and realizing... this place is a mess. Nothing is organized, papers are everywhere. This was fine in the short term, but no longer. So, for help, I turned to Lauren Combs, a professional organizer and the owner of Neat Method Detroit, to get her advice on how to make our at-home offices and classrooms work for us.

1) Clear the desk surface - If you look at Lauren’s desk, it’s spotless, not a thing on it besides a small printer in the corner. That is because she is a giant fan of clean surfaces. Having the workspace clear of junk allows you to really spread out and do your work. She frequently uses a laptop and having a clear desk means there is always a spot for her laptop. This also helps you mentally as well. When things look clean and uncluttered, it will allow you to focus better.

2) Find a “home” for everything - So what do you do with all that stuff you just took off your desk? Find a home for it! Always consider the vertical space you have for storing things. Lauren transformed a small closet into her mini office so you can do it too. Put items you use frequently within arm’s reach, and items you use less often a little further up. Also, always remember to label where you put things so that you know where to find them when you need them.

3) For kids- Use Clear Containers - If you are organizing your kids’ at-home classroom, labels may not be the best thing as not all kids can read. Instead, Lauren says you should consider storing things in clear containers so the kids can easily see what’s inside. She loves having clear jars full of art supplies on the table because she finds her kids have an easier time using them and are more likely to put things back properly.

For more of her suggestions, watch the video above. You can get help with your next home organization project by contacting Neat Method Detroit.

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