Where to watch two new star-studded films this weekend

How you can check out “Supernova” and “The Little Things”

Reel Talk - Supernova and The Little Things on Live in the Do

Movie critic Greg Russell is back with his thoughts on Supernova and The Little Things, the latest two movies from a cast of Academy Award-winning actors.

First Russell took a look at Supernova, a drama that follows Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth after many years of living together as a couple. When Stanley Tucci’s character develops dementia, Colin Firth’s character has to step into the role of caretaker, and takes his partner on a cross country road trip.

Russell got to speak with Tucci, who said he prepared for the role by watching documentaries and learning from real people. He also got the chance to work along side his good friend Firth. “It seems to have helped the film for us to have had that history, because you have an ease and a trust with that person,” Tucci said.

Writer and director Harry MacQueen said he spent a long time living with people who have early onset dementia, and called the experience profoundly moving. “You hope you make a film that does right by those people,” MacQueen said

Next up on Russell’s list was The Little Things, a film filled to the brim with big name actors, including Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto. In the film, Washington plays a cop who winds up investigating a crime in the heart of LA, but as he uncovers pieces of the case, they start to hit close to home. Russell said this one ends up having a bit of a tangled storyline, but since it’s available on HBO Max for free, it’s worth checking out.

To see Greg’s full reviews, watch the video above.