Celebrate Valentine’s Day love with some tasty, nostalgic food

Plus, a chance to win $500!

All 4 Love Contest - Big Boy Restaurants on Live in the D

If you’re thinking you want to treat your loved one to a special meal to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there’s a classic, Michigan way to show you care. You could also win $500 from our “All 4 Love” contest.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr chatted with Frank Alessandrini from Big Boy about the love that’s in the air around Big Boy restaurants.

Because it’s a Michigan staple, what better way to enjoy your day of love than with delicious, nostalgic memories? Big Boy still carries the classics Big Boy Double Decker and Slim Jim, made the same way as the first time you ever took a bite of the tasty sandwiches.

You can add a new memory and a new delicious food item to your order: Pizza. The restaurant is now offering at four of its locations, pepperoni, veggie, Hawaiian, meat lovers and more -- as a whole pie -- delivered straight to your doorstep.

You can almost smell the pizza dough full of amazing memories, right?

Big Boy is also one of the sponsors in our All 4 Love Contest, in which we are giving away $500 to four lucky “Live in the D” viewers. Big Boy is also giving out an additional prize to win burgers and fries for a year! For your chance to win, click or tap here.

For more information about Big Boy and all they have to offer, watch the video above, or click or tap here to visit their website.

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