Find fun trinkets and gifts at this cute, colorful store

Kitty Deluxe is home to homemade jewelry and items that are great for any pop culture fan

If you are looking to buy something fun and different for a friend or loved one, there is a tiny pink house in St. Clair Shores that is full of big surprises. Kitty Deluxe is a shop that has various handmade items such as jewelry and face mask holders that are mostly made by the store’s owner, Cat Massoff, and her family. The store also sells handmade goods from local business owners, such as lotions, face masks, and candles. Kitty Deluxe also sells cool pop culture items such as puzzles, magnets, and mugs that feature musicians like Prince and Dolly Parton. They also feature popular shows like The Office, and personalities like Bob Ross and the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Watch the video above to see all of the awesome stuff that is inside the little pink house called Kitty Deluxe.

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