Take a stroll through Black History without leaving your home

Black Scroll Network highlights Detroit’s important history

Black Scroll Network on Live in the D

Detroit is an important city in history and especially in Black History. We are home to civil rights icon Rosa Parks, and many important historical events happened here, like the debut of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Sadly, some of this history has been forgotten. That is where Black Scroll Network steps in. They are providing tours of Detroit that highlight our city’s importance in Black History. Jamon Jordan is the founder of Black Scroll Network.

Jordan told Tati Amare on Live In the D that the idea of Black Scroll Network first came about in the classroom. Jordan is a former educator and, through his years of teaching, he realized his students did not know much about Detroit’s history, specifically its important Black History. So he set up Black Scroll Network with that mission, to teach everyone about our city’s Black History. With the pandemic, the tours have gone virtual, which means you can enjoy one in your own home regardless if you live in Michigan or not.

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