Get your snack on for national snack food month

All about snack food on What’s The Buzz

What's the Buzz - National snack food month on Live in the D

February is National snack food month and we invited some friends of Live In The D to get on the show to chat about everyone’s snack habits. Joining host Tati was AJ Williams, managing editor of the Michigan Chronicle, Blaine Fowler, host of Blaine Fowler Morning Show, and Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of Cohen brand.

First, Tati wanted to know everyone’s take on what’s better: sweet or salty snacks?

While only Blaine said he really loves sweet snacks, everyone agreed that salty snacks like chips and popcorn are the way to go. AJ recommended pork rinds, which she said she switched to since it’s a great crunchy, salty snack, and it is full of protein but doesn’t have the carbs that chips have.

Next they talked about if snacking should be straight from the bag, or if it’s better to portion it all out.

Everyone agreed that discipline pretty much goes out the window when it comes to snacking, and as Vanessa points out, eating straight out of the bag saves you from washing dishes later.

Finally, we heard how everyone avoids getting hangry between meals.

Blaine says he never gets hangry, because of all the snacks he keeps around the house, and AJ pulled out some of the snacks she keeps in her purse for the same reason.

Watch the video above to find out more about what everyone had to say.