Add a wild guest to your next zoom call

It is a virtual call to the wild

Are you zoom calls getting a little tedious? How about adding a wild guest? You can do that with the Leslie Science & Nature Center in Ann Arbor. They have wild animals available for video calls. Lana Smith from the Leslie Science & Nature Center in Ann Arbor spoke to host Jason Carr about how you can add a wild animal to your next virtual gathering.

The Leslie Science & Nature Center is an education center in a city park in Ann Arbor. They host a variety of public programs, were people can see live animals while exploring the woods. Many of their programming is now available online including virtual calls with some of their wild friends. You can choose to chat with one of five animals: barn owl, a red tail hawk, a fruit bat, a hedgehog, or a boa constrictor. The hedgehog is extremely popular with kids and make zoom calls a little more fun.

If you would like to visit the Leslie Science & Nature in person, the park is open every day. Admission is free.

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