Enjoy a taste of Italy at home with this Michigan-made liqueur

Craz Cello is the homegrown spirit spun into a tasty citrus Italian-inspired cocktail

Craz Cello on Live in the D

Traveling to Italy may be something that is put on hold right now, however, there is a Michigan-made liqueur that brings Italy to your home. Craz Cello is a spirit that, as the website says, mixes Italian legacy with American spunk. It is a local spin on the refreshing drink, limoncello.

Owners Jason Verbrugghe and Dominic Savone joined Tati Amare to talk about Craz Cello and showed a couple of ways you can enjoy the liqueur mixed in with popular cocktails. Craz Cello is available at various stores in and around Detroit.

Watch the video above to see how you can enjoy Craz Cello!